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    Bamboo was founded by Timothy Lai and Yvette Lim in October 2003, with the key aim of making use of their strong background in interactive marketing to help Small-Medium-Enterprises tap on the international market through the internet as a medium.
Bamboo specializes in helping clients with little or no technical expertise to understand the value of the internet as a medium for marketing their products and services and reaching out to their customers in cost-effective manner. Bamboo also provides them with the necessary tools to continue to manage the site content on their own.

While Bamboo is, and will remain, a 2-man team, it has partnered a strong network of technical and creative professionals to support itself in delivering cost-effective, high-value solutions to its clients AND maintaining a very close one-to-one relationship with each and every client whom Bamboo consider - FRIENDS.

The name Bamboo was chosen over a cup of tea, after 2 months of agonizing over corporate names. “Bamboo” reflects the company’s STRENGTH in what they do, FLEXIBILITY in the ways they both work to suit their clients’ comfort levels, and TENACITY TO GROW even when the going gets tough.